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I stumbled upon Neurographic Art back in January 2022 when my mom landed in the hospital because she couldn’t walk. Turns out, her Cancer, diagnosed three years ago, had spread to her hip and was taking a toll. I needed something creative that I could take anywhere without making a mess. I’d dabbled in acrylic fluid art pours before, but that wasn’t portable enough for hospital visits, nursing homes, or my mom’s place where I was dog-sitting.

Fast forward a few months, and I became my mom’s main caregiver during her hospice at home. Neurographic drawing became my go-to for unwinding, breathing, and setting intentions to keep my stress levels in check.

No therapist qualifications here, no technical training. I started this journey for myself, as my therapy. Now, I just want to share what I’ve learned to help others navigate their own paths.

What’s Neurographic Art?

Neurographica™, crafted by the Russian psychologist Dr. Pavel Piskarev in 2014, has gained popularity in Russian and German-speaking communities.

It’s a kind of art that doesn’t demand any fancy drawing skills. If you can handle rker or pencil to draw lines in a controlled way, you’re good to go with Neurographic Art (or Neuroart).

Creating Neuroart can be therapeutic, but it’s not a substitute for professional therapy (at least not at the moment).

Think of it as Art Therapy with guidelines, though it’s not meant to replace seeing a therapist (as of now).

Neurographica™ practitioners have techniques to help clients reach their goals. (I am not a certified therapist.)

It’s a way to practice self-care, giving yourself a few minutes or hours to show some self-love while engaging in the process.

The focus is on the “doing,” not the final product – that’s just a bonus.


The workshop will cover the following topics

  1. A quick introduction to what the workshop will cover.
  2. How to draw Neurolines.
  3. What is Rounding and how to do it.
  4. Metaphors of Simple Shapes
  5. Putting it all together to form a piece of Art
  6. To learn to relax and let go of whatever is bothering you.

The art materials recommended for this class is as follows :

  1. At least, an A4 or B4 sized thick art paper (recommended Mixed Media paper). You may use any size piece of paper or flat material if you wish.
  2. Colouring materials Coloured Pencils/Art Markers/Highlighters/Watercolors etc (you don’t have to color it)
  3. A medium or bullet point permanent marker blue or black
  4. Markers (if you have opted to use markers as you colouring material, then you may leave this out)
    • Requirements
    • There are no difficult requirements for this course.
    • You have to be able to pick up a marker pen, and be able to draw lines in a controlled manner.
    • No drawing experience required.

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I hope you will enjoy the class. Let’s have fun together!!!