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Find your spark. Something that doesn’t depend on others. Something that brings out the passion inside you. Weather your single or in a relationship, we all need that ONE thing thats ours. Creating for me is MY SPARK. Im constantly thinking about what I can draw, design paint, or make. Any job I have has to incorporate creativity or I get bored. 

I am offering workshops and one on one classes to teach art as a therapy. Im not currently certified as a an Art Therapist, but I am working towards that goal. In the meantime, I can still share my passion with you and be helpful by showing you an art technique that you can use as a tool to distress.  Neurographic art has been a big part of my healing process this year. My memory has improved and I also have found a way to release my energy (good and bad) in a positive way that brings me JOY. 


Let’s learn and have fun!