I AM and Artist

(Unedited rambles in my head right now)

Being your own boss is a lot of work. I admit I have been slacking as a Boss. I have not made myself accountable for my success. Today, I publicly make my self accountable. Dedicating a specific amount of hours on my business. I have been concentrating on a lot of myself and self love and ready to share the love.

Just because I do not hit the pavement and have a physical store front to go to everyday, doesn’t me I do not work. I work all day everyday (ok most days), but isn’t that the purpose of being self employed?  I get up (whenever I want lol), I spend hours creating, and then I have to share so people know its available to them.

Some people are entrepreneurs and others are not. I am. I do not want to go into an establishment, put in hours and not feel like I contributed to the greater good. Don’t get me wrong, I have worked very hard for many years. Actually. My very first job was using an ink stamper to address envelopes  and passed out payroll checks at age 4. I was staid fifty cents every week. Up until my teen years, I took trash out and checked mail for my neighbor, in exchange, she bought me clothes and if there were any extracurricular activities I wanted to try, they were paid for by my neighbor Byrdie B Wilson (my mom couldn’t afford it because she was on government assistance). Byrdie was the biggest influencer in my life. She taught me that hard work really does pay.

I’ve dealt with angry customers, I’ve lifted heavy boxes, I’ve climbed large ladders even with  fear of heights, I have come home crying because it was extremely stressful just for a paying job.

Since Covid Pandemic, Divorce, Homelessness, and coming up on being THE BIG 50 soon….. my priorities have changed somewhat. I know I need to make money to live in this material world. I’ve been judged for “my process” to find my purpose. Ok, I see Im rambling again… I may have lost you???  This is sort of a rant to those who have been judging me because I have not had a job since the Pandemic. It’s been two years since I walked into the workforce and put in countless hours like everyone else. In those two years, I’ve rediscovered myself and my passion for art and helping others.

I am an Artist. I have made money with my art and will continue to do so. Artist have always had a stigma about how you can not make a living, its not a career, its just a hobby.  I do not have steady income, so does that mean my work is less important? I NEED to create. I want to bring joy and happiness to those who are hitting the pavement on a daily basis. If there were not creative thinkers like myself, the world would not exist as it does today. So, I am going to continue to push myself to the BEST ME.  I hope you enjoy ME being ME.

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