Are you looking to make a unique and very personal gift on a special day such as Birthday, Christening (Baptism), graduation, wedding or wedding anniversary or Just Because?  Let me help you find the appropriate image and draw it especially for you or your loved one. An original hand drawn piece of art custom made is a pure, form of expression, a gift that people appreciate for life.

Invite me to research and draw for your special situation. A hand drawing is an appropriate gift for anyone from the head of state to a simple person, and it’s difficult to make a more sincere and meaningful gift.

Are you looking for meaningful objects to enhance your home and elevate your thoughts and feelings? I will be happy to research and suggest a theme or subject and then draw it to match your mood and style.

Please contact Trie Michaud   Email: hugatriellc@gmail.com  Phone: 603-856-1979

Custom Price List Guideline’s
Starting prices for a custom one subject hand drawing on mixed media paper or canvas ranges from $60 and up. Each custom piece is worked on for a minimum of two to three hours. You will be shown progress photos. You will be included in the process until you feel confident in the final piece or within your budget. Additional detail/hours is $20 per hr. /  shipping pricing not included.