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First of all, I will just say, I am not a writer. I ramble, my thoughts are sporadic at times (look squirrel!!) LOL. Im sure Ill get better at writing over time, just like anything that is practiced and with the help of assistance. Honestly, haven’t put my words down in letters for quite some time. This is part of my process to heal and be ok with my journey. I have been realizing lately that I have a lot to say but others don’t have the time or want to listen. I hope that these next posts are helpful to someone, somewhere, someday. Until then, my current hope is that this helps me. If you are still reading, its because you want to hear what I have to say. I appreciate your time. It’s been difficult for me to trust the process especially when others can’t see “IT”, but I DO!!! The IT I’m referring to is my purpose. I’m not gonna ramble on about others and why they are hear on this earth or if they even choose to look at like life this way. I do. I always internalize how this is going to help me and others be better. I am trying to refine and utilize my purpose so I can have a better life (happy, healthy and secure), and be helpful to others to to the same. I have been on a crazy journey, like most. I do not have children I can teach my wisdom too lol Im trying to take my life back that I once thought was lost.  Future posts will talk about the struggles and happy times in my life which makes me,  Trie. Trust my process because I DO!