My Journey Across Country

Hi frends. (Ain’t No I), this is my first post of many describing my adventures across country. I will be sharing my experiences and lessons I have learned in hopes to inspire and teach you to reach for the unknown..

My frend Claire Bridgewater said “Come on Twiddle Tour with me!” The first thing I said “There’s no way I could do that! I don’t have enough money to drive across country!”.  I was fearful of traveling that far alone. My mind kept giving me all the reasons why I couldn’t and other people giving me all the reasons why I shouldn’t. I needed to adult, but WHY??? I don’t work for anyone else- I’m self employed, I don’t have children, I don’t have a significant other to worry about????  WHY NOT??????  The more I was told that I shouldn’t the more I wanted to prove to myself and others that I could.

Oh for those who don’t know Twiddle. It is a Vermont Jam Band. You just have to listen TWIDDLE

I’m an adventurer at heart, and I had been wanting to follow Twiddle on tour across the country for a while. I did a mini tour last year and loved it. So, I saved up enough money for gas to make it Flagstaff, AZ. I was confident I could sell my art in order to make it back home to Connecticut. I was finally ready for the journey of a lifetime.

I packed my things, said goodbye to my frends and family, and hopped in my Subaru Forester. I was eager to start my journey and I couldn’t wait to see what the open road had in store for me.

Most of my trip was spent visiting lots of rest stops and gas stations LOL. I did try to explore small towns and get exercise by taking nature hikes when I could, but I was on a time schedule. I had four days to get to Flagstaff for the first Twiddle show. I genuinely enjoyed the feeling of being on the open road and the solitude of my thoughts. I was happy when I got to meet up with frends and spend quality time together (and get a shower).

I spent the next eight weeks following Twiddle as they toured across the country. I was able to witness some amazing performances, meet some incredible people, and experience the joy of being part of a large community of music fans. I did miss a few shows but since I already hit my 100th show seeing this band on New Years Eve this year, all of this was just bonus.

By the end of my journey, I had seen the beauty of the country, made some amazing memories, and grown as a person. I had truly had the experience of a lifetime, and I was grateful for the opportunity to embark on such a solo woman journey. I returned to my home feeling more inspired and confident than ever. I can’t wait to be on the open road again. Soon. It wont be Twiddle tour since they are going on an indefinite hiatus (this makes my heart sad), it’s something they have to do. Im grateful for the experiences and lessons they have taught me over the years. I will continue to love relentlessly.

Life Lesson Learned:

Fear hinders you to experience, the more you do what you are fearful of, the less it is a fear.


(To be continued)

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